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Hemp Wick Small 4′ Bundle (40ct)

Made from natural hemp and beeswax. For the most natural smoking experience.


Go natural with Randy’s line of Hempwick! Traditional butane lights can have the user inhaling many dangerous gases during use. Hempwick will deliver the user a better tasting, butane-free hit. Simply light your Hempwick and then transfer it to your legal herb and as a result you will be able to avoid any inhalation of butane gas.

Hempwick also allows for more control of the flame, which will give the user the ability to ‘corner’ their bowls of legal herbs. Hempwick burns at a lower temperature than a butane-lighter, as a result the user will get less harsh, more flavorful hits. The low temperature in which the Hempwick burns will not torch your herb, allowing for more enjoyable sessions! For the most natural smoking experience.


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